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25 Tips on Choosing the Right Hybrid Turf Company

1. Licensed – Best Hybrid turf Companies must be licensed by your state licensing as this ensures a quality installation and provides recourse for homeowners in the event a homeowner pays for an unsatisfactory installation and the company refuses to satisfy the terms of the contract.


2. Bonded – Best Hybrid turf Contractors must obtain a surety bond; a surety bond is a form of insurance. If a contractor fails to complete a job satisfactory or fails to pay for subcontractors, permits or other financial obligations.


3. Insured – General Liability insurance covers lawsuits that would include the cost of the best hybrid turf companies legal expense and the cost of damages owed to the owner.


4. Quality Products – With so many types of best hybrid turf on the Market today there is a lot to consider. best hybrid turf companies that are looking just to turn a buck will generally only offer a flat blade turf for a decent price. Whereas a quality company will offer a high-quality performance blade best hybrid turf at an affordable price.


5. Price Match Guarantee – Best Hybrid turf can get expensive and when choosing the right best hybrid turf company, price is always a deciding factor, but just because a better price is offered doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal. If an best hybrid turf company offers a price match guarantee then at least you will be able to really compare best hybrid turf, apples to apples and get the best price.


6. Experienced Project Managers – Since best hybrid turf has increased in demand, a lot of new unlicensed and inexperienced people contractors have entered the market. Project managers (Sales people) need to be experienced and must be able to understand and help design a quality professional design that is practical, functional and beautiful. Inexperienced creates disaster as the design and installation need to be thought out entirely to prevent problems during the installation process (bad measurements, insufficient materials, bad planning, extra costs, etc.)


7. Quality Control Service Team – The biggest fear of homeowners is hiring an best hybrid turf company and not receiving a quality installation. When choosing an best hybrid turf company, it is important to ensure that the best hybrid turf company that you select provides a quality control inspection by a quality control inspector to prevent excessive future returns for repairs. This is important because sometimes the sales person will return and sell you into accepting a subpar installation. With a quality control inspector, you can be sure your project will be done right.


8. Product Warranty – With so much best hybrid turf available on the market there are also many product warranty’s available. The best warranty available on the market is the 15-year warranty. This protects against fading and falling apart which is important especially in the southwest where best hybrid turf is affected greatly by the powerful sun rays.


9. Installation Warranty – Because the product warranty only covers the product it is important that you choose an best hybrid turf company that offers an installation warranty. All licensed best hybrid turf companies typically have to offer 2 years on the quality of the installation. It is important that you inquire about extended warranties for installations because standard installation warranty does not cover the reinstallation of best hybrid turf in the event best hybrid turf fails and needs to be replaced. An extended warranty will typically match the product warranty (15 year) for quality of installation and reinstallation. An extended warranty is like buying insurance for your best hybrid turf investment.


10. Sun Screen Provider – Because best hybrid turf is made of plastic it is susceptible to singing, and melting from reflections, deflections, etc. typically, an best hybrid turf company that offers sun screens services will offer a lower price on sun screens and install the sun screen before or during best hybrid turf installation. This is better because most sun screen companies are expensive and typically backlogged with work.


11. Claims – Best Hybrid turf fails or has manufacture defects at a rate of 1.7% according to industry statistics. So best hybrid turf claims are part of the business, but most new or inexperienced best hybrid turf companies don’t install enough best hybrid turf to ever understand this. In turn, they don’t know how to handle best hybrid turf claims. It is important to hire an best hybrid turf company that has a claims department that understand how to transact a claim in a timely manner.


12. Repairs – Much like claims it is hard to find the right company on the front end, but it is even scarier to find a company that will return after they have collected the final payment. A dependable best hybrid turf company should be able to process your repair within a reasonable amount of time. Most small or inexperienced best hybrid turf companies can’t afford to return to conduct repairs or they are too busy with new installations that the repair fall by their waist side.


13. 24 Hour Customer Support – When you finally do all of your homework and have decided to contact an best hybrid turf company the last thing you want is to call after hours and go straight to voicemail. It gives a certain sense of comfort knowing that if you call regardless of the time someone will pick up the phone and help address your concerns or get you to the right person.


14. Referral Program – Did you just move into a new neighborhood and realize that you are the first person to get your landscaping done? What if you could influence the new neighbors to using the same contractor and in turn you make a referral commission. A good best hybrid turf company will pay up to $100.00 for a referral once the installation is complete.


15. Complete Landscape Design and Installation – So you know you want best hybrid turf but is that all you want in your backyard, how about some plants, trees, pavers, irrigation, walkways, gravel, boulders and a whole lot more? Wouldn’t it be nice to just hire one company to do it all? This typically cuts down on the overall cost by more than 25% and it is easier to convey your ideas to one person as opposed to a bunch of different people. One stop shops are usually more organized and have a better idea of how the project needs to come together.


16. Read The Reviews – So you seen their fancy website and hear their polished presentations, but did you read the best hybrid turf companies reviews? You will find that most reviews found on companies are reliable. Especially when you consider the number of reviews an best hybrid turf company has. Reviews will reveal the true colors of a company, how they operate, who the best project managers are, where the best hybrid turf company has opportunities to grow and how they handle upset customers.


17. Installation Availability – Best Hybrid turf companies are quick to sign you up but then you must consider when can they get you into the schedule? How many jobs are ahead of you? Will you be put on the back burner? When does the schedule get made? How many people does this best hybrid turf company have working for them? A good best hybrid turf company can complete up to 50 residential jobs per week regardless of the size and makes the schedule every week ensuring that if your project was contracted this week your installation will be completed the following week.


18. Wholesale Provider – Most best hybrid turf products come from a wholesale provider but unless the best hybrid turf companies are the wholesale provider and installer it is sometimes difficult to conduct business because you must deal with the middleman. If you hire an best hybrid turf company that is both you typically will save because they can offer a better price.


19. Do-It-Yourself Kits – Sometimes homeowners fancy themselves handy people and they would like to purchase just the materials and save on the labor by doing it themselves. There is not a lot of best hybrid turf companies that encourage do it yourself best hybrid turf kits because they lose money, but the good best hybrid turf companies understand that not all homeowners require the added expense of installation when the can install it on their own.


20. Coverage Areas – So you called several best hybrid turf companies and none of them are in your area. This is common for new and smaller best hybrid turf companies. Sometimes you will have an best hybrid turf company commit to your job knowing it is too far and this alone will hinder the project from a timely completion. It is better to go with an best hybrid turf company that can efficiently provide services to your area.


21. Contract – “Don’t think it, ink it.” Homeowners that are serious about choosing the right best hybrid turf company for their project must get their project in writing down to the cost of every last thing. If you are dealing with an best hybrid turf company and they cannot provide you with a contract run for the hills. A signed contract is the only way to protect you and the company from any forms of miscommunication.


22. Itemized Estimate/Invoice – Sometimes contractors will ask you how much your budget for this project is and then surprise, your project is going to cost exactly that much…wait a tick! So, you Look at the invoice and it says something generic like best hybrid turf project and the cost right next to it… fishy right? A quality best hybrid turf company has nothing to hide and will be professional enough to itemize your project, so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much. A good best hybrid turf company can usually provide you with an estimate during your in-home visit.


23. Payment – It is normal for best hybrid turf companies to charge 50% down and 50% upon completion. It is never wise to pay an best hybrid turf company in full to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves. Often when a new or small company gets paid in full the sense of urgency and care take a back seat on the priority list. A great best hybrid turf company offers financing with programs like 18 months same as cash and for a $10,000 loan payment are only $126.00/mo. Credit card services are always nice for the points, but most best hybrid turf companies charge a 3% finance fee, so keep that in mind when paying for your project.


24. Packages – When choosing the right best hybrid turf company make sure to research any packages that they may have available. Typically, you can save 25% - 35% by opting for a sales package. Well established best hybrid turf companies have multiple packages to fit almost every budget, but you must inquire because sometimes if don’t see them, then they won’t mention them.


25. Promotions – Who doesn’t like promotions? Every best hybrid turf company will offer some sort of promotion. The best best hybrid turf companies offer multiple promotions it is up to the homeowner to find the promotion that benefits them the most and apply it as most promotions are stand alone and cannot be used in conjunction with other packages or promotions.



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